Motorcycle and scooter insurance can be tricky and it is always advisable to get quotes from multiple insurance companies before settling on the one that best meets your needs. There are many types of insurance for scooters and motorcycles such as liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured, and underinsured motorists, medical payments, and personal injury protection. Liability insurance is the most common type of insurance. Liability coverage will protect you in case you hit another motorist and if you injure someone in an accident with you. Liability coverage is most commonly required for scooter and motorcycle owners.

Collision and Comprehensive coverage will cover repair expenses of your motorcycle or the other vehicle involved in an accident with you. If you have added something like a windshield or side-view mirror to make your bike look more appealing, it can increase the amount of coverage. Other factors that will affect your motorcycle insurance rates are the type of bikes you have, what mileage you drive, your experience level with motorcycles, and whether you have added modifications to your bike. There are also motorcycle insurance companies that only cater to customized motorcycles.

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