Insurance is a way of protection against financial loss resulting from an unpredictable event. It’s a type of risk management, mainly utilized to mitigate the risk of an unforeseeable or contingent monetary loss. In business, it serves as a tool to protect assets and reduce expenses. Insurance plays a major role in almost every industry, where the product or service production involves some form of financial loss, and is required to protect the assets of the company from such loss. The field of insurance covers a wide variety of issues, from worker’s compensation, health care, disability, property damage, industrial accidents, etc. 

Insurance is most important when an individual or company faces unexpected losses that exceed the amount that would be covered by the policy or would be refundable to the insurer. Insurance policies differ in their premiums and benefits, so the insurer has to weigh the benefits it would take to compensate for the losses in the future against its current premiums and budget. 

Insurance premiums can also vary greatly depending on the insurer. Insurance premiums for motorists and car owners are higher than those for homeowners. The level of insurance coverage can also differ significantly among insurers. Many insurers require high deductibles for insuring a single person. A relatively low deductible can save a consumer quite a lot of money in the long run because the premiums will be affordable.

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